What the Clients Think About the Mentorship Services

“Arlene’s audio, Our Journey to Wholeness, which involves meditation, prayer and visualization, was an answer to a prayer for me. Faced with so many medical bills and consequently mounting financial obligations, her unique audio helped me to access my creative powers by teaching me to let go of the anxieties and fears that were filling my mind with darkness. I altered my brain’s processing system through daily meditation and hence, have expanded my business while feeling peaceful and centered, even in this horrific time of the Pandemic. Arlene helps others access their inner strength so they can evolve into the powerhouse that creates our future.”

Dr. Kathleen Miller

Coach, Adjunct Professor, Educational Leader, Trainer

“The work you are called to do is a big part of the transformation of our planet.”

Sharon Wilson

Coach, Entrepreneur

“As a senior living in New York City, I find Arlene Karian’s audio, Our Journey to Wholeness, calming, soothing and restorative, especially during this time of crisis.”

Paula Stark

“Arlene’s ability to discern the essences of life situations and transmute them into practical strategies is her special gift.”

Rev. George A. Schmidt, PhD

Way of Life Unity Center

“I always feel better, stronger, more optimistic, empowered and magnetic after listening to Arlene’s Karian’s audio, Our Journey to Wholeness. Thank you for your genius, Arlene!”

Janice Edwards

Television Host/ Video Producer/Media Coach/Author

“Thank you so much for your wonderful guidance. I will be forever grateful for your presence in my life at this time of the birth of my true self. You are a ‘gifted midwife’.”

Rachel Morgan

“I am grateful to have had Arlene Karian as my mother. Her influence and guidance as both a parent and mentor have enabled me to live the life of my dreams.“

Stephan Karian