Achieve Your Full Potential By working with Arlene

Arlene Karian is a mentor, book author, and sought-after speaker who seeks to guide clients into leading a better, balanced, and fulfilling life. Her parenting style for the 21st century is an exquisite, customized, and interactive program that blends both mentoring and whole-brain consciousness to bring about fundamental change to parents and those who want to actualize all of their potential.

Her Work

  • Book - The Parent Mentor: The Complete Guide to Raising Today's Child
  • Audio – Our Journey to Wholeness
  • Mentoring and Life Strategist coaching
  • Speaking to corporations, small businesses, non-profits, among others
  • Poetry – poems like “A New Mother to Her Unborn Child” and “Today”

How Her Childhood Shaped Her Present

Arlene’s childhood was rich with music, poetry, and arts. Her eclectic background in the music world and as a successful entrepreneur in the business world enabled her to draw upon and weave together several disciplines resulting in the creation of her unique, original life-enhancement system.

The Day Everything Changed

Her defining moment came when on the way to the hospital during labor, she ended up having to use a service elevator filled with garbage bags. At that moment, she promised herself that her son would be given the critical life skills to both overcome challenges and contribute to society. She later kept her promise by using the system she created to become her best self and to help her son shape his destiny.

Her Life as a Divorcee

Her experience as a single, divorced welfare Mom put her in touch with the lack of resources to deal with the enormous challenges she faced. Out of her need for survival and trust in her inner resources, she developed a process that enabled her to start a rare coin business from scratch and build it into a multi-million dollar company.

Her Life Outside of Mentoring

Arlene is also a sought-after speaker who has shared the podium with world-class leaders at the Pentagon, World Future Society, and the National Association for Women’s Business Owners. She is also an accomplished singer and pianist, having her singing recital at New York’s famous Town Hall and performing with the L.A. Opera.

Find the Balance That Your Life Needs

Arlene has the gift of blending the practical and the spiritual to bring about extraordinary results as a mentor. Become one of her clients today.