Find Your Lifepath, Find Your True Destiny Our Journey to Wholeness

Interactive Audio

My 18-minute audio, Our Journey to Wholeness, is a proprietary, **interactive sequence of the principles of all the great religions and philosophies recorded in a user-friendly non-denominational perspective. The audio is a gentle blending of the elements of prayer, visualization, meditation and therapy (non-clinical).

How this came about

My audio, Our Journey to Wholeness, is a distillation of my entire work, and elicits, from one's own consciousness, hope, empowerment,  structure and balance for your day, and when practiced daily and consistently, will point you into the direction of your lifepath and your true destiny.

This is the exact and original audio, recorded in my voice, that is responsible for lifting me from the state of poverty, victimhood, helplessness and uncertainty while on welfare, and enabled me to become  the CEO of a rare-coin company with 3 branches on the east coast.  It also empowered me to mentor my son to become a multi-millionaire before the age of 30. It gave me access to joy, and eventually the tools to produce results in the world through personal contribution.  

I realized that now, with the enormous challenges we face, it is time to release it to the world to deal with both the enormous external and internal elements of the uncharted waters of this moment in time.

It is my hope that this original work will contribute to your incredible transformation.

“Arlene’s audio, Our Journey to Wholeness, which involves meditation, prayer and visualization, was an answer to a prayer for me. Faced with so many medical bills and consequently mounting financial obligations, her unique audio helped me to access my creative powers by teaching me to let go of the anxieties and fears that were filling my mind with darkness. I altered my brain’s processing system through daily meditation and hence, have expanded my business while feeling peaceful and centered, even in this horrific time of the Pandemic. Arlene helps others access their inner strength so they can evolve into the powerhouse that creates our future.”

Dr. Kathleen Miller

Coach, Adjunct Professor, Educational Leader, Trainer

**For the most effective, cumulative results during this self-exploration, have a journal handy to express your feelings daily before listening to the audio, and to take notes while you listen to the audio.