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How A Single Former Welfare Mom Raised Her Kid to Find his Passion and Become a Light to Empower and Inspire Others

It is my deepest intention that the insights entrusted to me in this book will provide the tools to guide and empower the new generation of parents to shape their children to become the next leaders of our world. 

When I wrote this, my challenges were very different than those of today. As a struggling, single welfare mom, I had to navigate a harsh and lonely world while compensating for the lack of a partnership to help guide my son.

At the time, taking on the weight of providing for my son on my own felt like a heroic undertaking. Today, parents and caregivers of children are beset with a whole new set of challenges that defy normal comprehension – but still, demand us to come up to the plate with solutions for this strange new territory.

Our outer structures can no longer be depended upon, and there is no precedent for what we are dealing with; no road map to guide us. 

About the Book

Presently, parents are faced with unprecedented and more complex child-rearing challenges — a prolonged pandemic, economic fluctuation, conversion of employment frameworks, and fluctuating approaches to education, to name a few. The book was written as a call to challenge the current parenting methods and adopt new ones that address these current issues.

Why You Need This Book

Serious and deep political division threaten our founding principles, children dealing with mental illness due to loss of parents from a prolonged pandemic; the shifting framework of our educational system, worldwide infiltration of autocratic ideologies, more frequent and severe climate catastrophes, escalated violence, racism elevated to a new level reminiscent of the '60s.

Loss of hope and a sense of security is rampant. We need a new kind of heroism.

Amidst the rancor of our shifting outer structures, I found that our refuge is inside.

My book chronicles how I both found and tapped into the rich tapestry of my inner values that gifted me with an indestructible perspective of hope and security that doesn't harm or change, regardless of what happens "out there."

From that place, I created a flourished life and a child who became a change maker. My book will guide you to gift yourself with the riches of your internal life to empower you to become a role model for the new generation of parents. Shaping the new leaders of our world is in our power. You can do this, and this book is your guide to take it on.

How this Book Can Help You

Arlene’s groundbreaking system is backed by science and will allow you to raise extraordinary children while uplifting your own life in the process. The author shares tools and easy-to-follow guidelines on how to create a bond with your children in a new and exciting way. The book’s road map to 21st-century parenting will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to help your children avoid negative influences and develop into who they are meant to be.

Help Your Child To Achieve Their Destiny

Learn how to empower yourself and gain the confidence you need to help your children achieve their life goals.