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The Parent Mentor

Author Arlene Karian opens the door to success for millions of parents now – and in the future. In "The  Parent Mentor: The Complete Guide to Raising Today's Child, Arlene Karian – “The Parenting Mentor” – provides you with a proven plan she created for herself and is now available to all who shape a child’s consciousness.


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Arlene Karian

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Arlene is a sought-after speaker who has shared the podium with world-class leaders at Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, the Pentagon, the World Future Society, and the National Association for Women’s Business Owners. Arlene’s eclectic background as an author, poet, musician, master mentor, life strategist, entrepeneur and single mother shaped her into who she is today. From her lifelong experiences, she uncovered a new 21st century parenting model that works. Arlene knows all parents want the best for their kids. Based on scientific and universally accepted core spiritual principles, she created a clear roadmap for parents. This roadmap guides and equips parents to successfully unlock their child’s potential to be strong, to be happy, and to powerfully navigate and surmount the challenges of today’s new normal.

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 The Parent Mentor 

The straightforward secret: Arlene became a mentor to her son by following ansimple original system. Now you can use Arlene’s “Road Map to 21st Century Parenting” system to help your children avoid negative outside influences and achieve great things, so they become what they were meant to become.  In “The Parent Mentor: The Complete Guide to Raisging Today’s Child,”

You’ll discover: • The 7 Keys to 21st Century Parenting • The 3 Scientific Research Secrets about Parenting • How To Mentor Your Child to Excel • How to Raise an Extraordinary Child • How To Get Your Kid To Say ‘No’ to Outside Influences Plus a lot more detailed, step-by-step guidance, inspiration, and help for parents and guardians to modernize parenting with a new breakthrough approach to interface with these troubled times.


Readers thoughts

Samuel Wardwell


This book is a “must” read for any parent who wants to have a healthy, happy child prepared to succeed in this rapidly changing world.


Owner, & CEO MCG

 With a wealth of information, “The Parent Mentor” guides you step by step to understand you! And this understanding, in turn, grounds you in order to further nurture your child.

Amanda Bonneau


Loved this book. Every parent needs to read it. I’m telling my friends.

Sheril Levitus


An insightful and practical guide to the parent-child relationship applicable to building dynamic relationships throughout life

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