Mentoring Your Child
To Win:

The 7 Breakthrough Keys

How A Single Former Welfare Mom
Raised A Kid to Be A Multi-Millionaire

by Arlene Karian
"The Parenting Mentor"


Author Arlene Karian’s ground-breaking new book opens the door to success for millions of parents who want the brightest possible future for their children. Arlene - “The Parenting Mentor” - provides you with a proven plan she created for herself that will enable you to shape your child’s consciousness, and put your boy or girl on the path to success and life-long fulfillment.

Parents and guardians will find the tools to create a bond with their children in an exciting new way. Plus, these innovative guidelines are easy to follow!  Recently validated by science, Arlene’s system will open a whole new world of possibilities -- empowering you to raise extraordinary children while uplifting your entire life in the process. The book’s Road Map to 21st Century Parenting system will show you, step by step, how to help your children avoid negative and debilitating outside influences and reach their highest potential.

Mentoring Your Child To Win provides you with critical, detailed guidance and inspiration for modernized parenting that interfaces with these troubled times. This vital empowerment includes:

  • The 7 Keys to 21st Century Parenting
  • The 3 Scientific Secrets about Parenting

In addition, the book reveals:
  • How To Mentor Your Child to Excel
  • How to Raise an Extraordinary Child
  • How To Get Your Kid To Say "No" to Outside Influences

Plus a lot more detailed, step-by-step guidance, inspiration, and help for parents and guardians to modernize parenting with a new breakthrough approach to interface with these troubled times.

In addition, the book reveals:

  • Detoxing Your Mind: An Innovative Way to De-stress
  • How To Effortlessly Organize and Flow Easily Through Your Day
  • Keeping The Love Alive In Spite Of Dishes, Laundry and Texting

This pioneering work will also provide you with many more crucial answers parents urgently need at a time in history that Dr. Oz calls: “The Exhaustion Age.”

"Some people lose themselves through parenting. Parenting is how I found myself."
— Arlene Karian

“Parenting combined with mentoring is the key,” Arlene says. “It made it possible for me to raise my son to excel even while I was on welfare! My decision to merge parenting with mentoring was the catalyst for my son becoming so extraordinary, successful, and a living role model of my work. Helping all parents bring out the best in their children, whatever that might be, is now my passion.” Arlene believes that true wealth comes from the wisdom of the one who is shaping a child’s life. Her book will guide you on an incredible new journey toward that goal.

Arlene Karian has been blessed with the unique gift of blending the spiritual with the practical to bring about extraordinary results for her clients. Mentoring Your Child To Win: The 7 Breakthrough Keys - How A Single Former Welfare Mom Raised A Kid to Be A Multi-Millionaire is the next step in Arlene’s important journey . . . the step that will bring you innovative solutions for raising an extraordinary child.

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  Arlene Karian
  Arlene Karian

Arlene Karian has had several careers: as musician, writer, and successful entrepreneur – but her defining role is being the mother of an extraordinary son. When she struggled to survive financially as a divorced welfare mom, she vowed she would teach her son the critical life skills needed to overcome his challenges and make a contribution to society. She kept that promise.

Arlene’s eclectic background enabled her to weave together several disciplines and create her unique life-enhancement system. Arlene used her Road Map to 21st Century Parenting system to mentor her son, who became a multi-millionaire before the age of 30. She also developed a process that enabled her to start a rare coin business from scratch and build it into a million-dollar company.


Arlene is a sought-after speaker who has shared the podium with world-class leaders at the Pentagon, and addressed the World Future Society and the National Association for Women’s Business Owners. As a published writer, her leading-edge articles have been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, Whole Life Times and other publications. An accomplished singer and pianist, Arlene has performed with the L.A. Opera and at New York's famous Town Hall. She lives in Florida.

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