Oscar Wilde said…..

Oscar Wilde said…..

I am absolutely entranced with this quote from Oscar Wilde!

“Be Yourself – Everyone else is taken!”

Is that not a clarion call to remind us that we are all unique, that we all have something inside each one of us that someone needs? A reminder that we can’t sit by and wait for Godot, or any other ‘event’ to happen? That we’re here on this earth to unlock that gift inside us, then reveal it?

This is not a time to stand in the shadows. This is a time to bypass our fears, that collective clamor that hovers over us telling us we have to keep ‘growing’, that we are not enough; that who we are now can’t stand up to our own or anyone else’s expectations. That we must try harder and be perfect before we can take a stand and say “this is me.”

The world needs what we have inside. Not what we’re waiting for: a better, more advantageous time; not for the house to be more organized; not for our finances to be in place; or for our relationships to be in harmony; for more workshops to go to; to become more worthy, more perfect.

Now is the moment, because the ‘future’ has never been seen by anyone. We are here, now.

Let’s show our faces, our gifts, our talents, our courage, our commitment to keep the chain of human potential moving. Because nobody has the gift inside you that you have.

There is no more crucial time than now to show up and make our unique contribution to the world. It needs YOU, because “Everyone else is taken!”

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