What are the secrets to raising a well-adjusted child? One important secret is to strive to be the best version of ourselves.

How do we do this? One foundational action to take is to realize you have false beliefs about yourself. We all do.

When we begin to actively pay attention to our thoughts, we start to identify what false beliefs we have.

For example, you are at work. The day is chaotic, coworkers are being rude, and you are behind. You are overwhelmed with work. You start thinking. “I’m not good at anything”.

This isn’t true. It’s simply a bad day at work. We all have those days.

And maybe you don’t even realize this is what you’re thinking. Did you know that even without realizing what thoughts go through your mind, these thoughts deeply affect how you feel about yourself.

Our thoughts affect the way we FEEL.

Negative thoughts bring us down. They are tiring to our minds. They start and perpetuate a CYCLE of negative thoughts affecting our feelings.

Begin by noticing untrue, destructive self beliefs. Once you begin to pinpoint these thought cycles, you will also more fully understand that these thoughts are not a good thing.
Practice by pushing these negative thoughts away and replace them with positive ones.

As you get better at this practice, you will feel better! I guarantee it!







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