My Thoughts on 2020 going into 2021

My Thoughts on 2020 going into 2021

The beginning of 2020 started out like the new year usually does. We hoped and prayed the new year would bring us health, peace, and abundance. We joked that we would not make any New Year’s resolutions. But we did it anyway.

Lose weight, be more positive. Spring is coming. This year would be better than last….

Then, chaos crashed into our front doors and confronted us to show us what we are made of.

We suddenly stood in the fire of an uninvited challenge, the nightmare was real; girding up every shred of our abilities and resources to meet this cruel acid test.

How were we supposed to find peace? We are all struggling to find our emotional and spiritual center. We have countless fears to deal with: uncertainty, worrying about our survival, economic instability, psychological stress, fear for our physical health, in addition to a brewing and now overflowing political unrest.

Renouncing hugs, things that we love, and love to do – having our homes turn into schools, gyms, playgrounds, and recreation centers…

Life, as we knew it, had become restricted, frightening and the future was uncertain. Our outer structures had dissolved, and we were left with feelings of deprivation and helplessness.

Where do we find solace to carry on and deal with the stress of our everyday responsibilities distorted by this long, drawn out new normal?
Most of us are struggling to find our emotional and spiritual center with the countless fears we face this day and age.

For many of us who have explored the deeper issues of life, we seek a space to hold us in the sanctity of certainty. Because on the outside, certainty is not there, (was it ever?) and it would not be for a long time. Is there a place we can go to feel a sense of certainty and safety?

Yes! There is only one place to go to. Our inner resources. They can bring us peace and help sustain us.

I created the following audio:

Our Journey to Wholeness – how to neutralize fear and uncertainty in challenging times

Our Journey to Wholeness contains the exact process that brought me peace, balance, hope, and courage in my most trying and challenging times. I found a way to access my inner resources, and here’s how it happened:

As a former divorced and struggling welfare Mom, I experienced the desperation of adversity. I had no resources and no one to go to. To survive, and ultimately thrive, I created a non-denominational life journey based on universal truths and biblical concepts that I eventually put into an audio.
Our Journey to Wholeness gave me a daily structure that kept me grounded and stable. As a result, I found my center, grew strong, and triumphed over these enormous adversities.

With consistent use, the contents gave me solace, balance, structure, and hope, and eventually lifted me out of poverty. More importantly, the contents of this audio gave me the spiritual grit that comes from the feeling of certainty along with an unshakable faith that I was, and am, more than I ever believed I was. I found my emotional and spiritual center, and what I was really made of.

My audio will be released soon. When it is, avail yourself of this very same audio, which will be specially priced for you at this critical moment in time.

If you do, you will find out what you are really made of. Date to be announced shortly.

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