Nursing the Nurses in Need

Nursing the Nurses in Need

Arlene Karian, author, speaker, and life coach found her balance during a very stressful time as a divorced, single welfare mom. Out of her need to deal with the challenges she faced, she created a process that gave her the courage to overcome her difficulties.

She used this process to empower herself and her son to reach his full potential, which led to him becoming a multi-millionaire and a loving husband and father, while also contributing his unique gifts to society. It is a technique for developing inner fitness, much as people workout to improve their outer or physical fitness.

During a former hospital stay, Arlene observed firsthand the stresses that nurses go through to be, and stay, on top of their game.

She was deeply moved by the effort to maintain the high standards during her stay at Sacred Heart on the Emerald Coast. Based on that experience and subsequent medical visits, Arlene became acutely aware of the increasing impact of stress experienced by hospital nursing staff.

The stress experienced is associated with reduced efficiency, decreased capacity to perform, work overload, role-based factors, role conflict and more.

Now with the pandemic, the heroism of nurses and others medical personnel is incredible, and there is a more pressing requirement for strength, perseverance, and calm.

There is Help

The COVID-19 pandemic created an unprecedented demand on healthcare professionals that led to nurse burnout, feelings of conflict, guilt and overwhelming stress and anxiety according to Lesly Kelly, Ph.D. R.N, Faan, a nurse researcher with a background in burnout, resilience and well-being. She cites spiritual care as one of the necessary practices to reduce stress and anxiety, “.

​Arlene noted this and she wants to do something to help them.

Arlene came to realize that the process she created, eventually developed into an audio, would be an excellent adjunct for nurses to reduce stress, burnout, and restore the courage and faith that is emblematic of the dignity and compassion of the nursing profession. This audio will be available soon.

​*Sources and effects of work-related stress in nursing Eleni Moustake and Theororos C Constandinidis MD, PhD Occupational Physician, Ass. Professor Medical School, Democritus University of Thrace

++Lesly Kelly, PhD, RN, FAAN. Nurse Scientist for Common Spirit Health and associate clinical professor for the Edson Coollebe of Nursing and Health Innovations at Arizona State University.

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