Month: March 2021


Joy rains down on me as I stand on a Fleeting mosaic of consciousness No passerby, I Pressing through its treasures, I spend its dimming torch, Till again, Tomorrow becomes Today #arlenekarian #poety #today #joy

Oscar Wilde said…..

I am absolutely entranced with this quote from Oscar Wilde! “Be Yourself – Everyone else is taken!” Is that not a clarion call to remind us that we are all unique, that we all have something inside each one of us that someone needs? A reminder that we can’t sit by and wait for Godot,…
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My Thoughts on 2020 going into 2021

The beginning of 2020 started out like the new year usually does. We hoped and prayed the new year would bring us health, peace, and abundance. We joked that we would not make any New Year’s resolutions. But we did it anyway. Lose weight, be more positive. Spring is coming. This year would be better…
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